Contact us for all sort of plans, sanctions, approvals, change of land use, aliniations, legal assistance, we take up your land related file processing works complete it within the time frame fixed with ground reality expenses.


  Customer oriented attitude.
  Excellent verbal and written communication skills.
  Ability to establish and nurture beneficial business relationships.
  Self-motivated with a willingness to take initiative and solve complex problems.
  Capability to negotiate with and influence others.
  Analytically and mathematically minded to analyze data and create necessary reports.
  Ability to thrive in a fast-paced and sometimes high pressure environment.


  Maintain through knowledge of the business as well as an understanding of how that impacts the other entities of contact.
  Monitor, coordinate and communicate strategic objectives of the business/ issues.
  Collaborate and communicate successfully with other entities outside of the business.
  Work with other staff members to develop a greater understanding of the business and any issues that arise.
  Develop and faster relationships with the community, stakeholders, and other entities.
  Collect, analyze and utilize data and feedback to identify opportunities to improve the relationship between the business and the other entity.
  Compile reports about particular incidents, events or updates about important issue for the business.
  Proactively solve conflicts and address issues that could occur between the business and the other entity.
  Promptly respond to incidents and other events as necessary.
  Act as a positive representation of the business to the community.